Kayla Neal

Kayla Neal, Registered Occupational Therapist

Education: Master of Occupational Therapy at Bay Path University

Professional Experience: Kayla’s interest to be in the health care field began when she was little. Before she was born, her grandfather was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her grandmother was a nurse and would always tell stories about how much occupational therapy increased his quality of life which inspired Kayla to become an occupational therapist. After she graduated from Enfield High School, she enrolled in Bay Path University’s 5-year Accelerated Pre-Occupational Therapy Studies/Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) program. She completed her undergraduate degree with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts – Pre-Occupational Therapy and went on to earn her Master’s. She has experience working with the geriatric and pediatric population through her past professions and clinical field works.